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Envision, Warsaw in 1940. Nazi uniforms everywhere. Citizens killed, imprisoned or dragged away to the Nazi concentration camps. Among them, those who suffered an almost total decimation – the Warsaw Jews – a population of 400.000. The construction of the ghetto began in 1940. Quickly the population was half a million. For the majority the only way out was through the gas chambers in Treblinka. On this tour you will walk the streets where the ghetto was and hear stories about the life within, of the escapes from it and of the ghetto uprising.

You will see the ghetto monument and other commemoration sites, hear of the lives of the Jews during the occupation, and before it. About how vivid the Jewish community in Warsaw once was and how much of its legacy lives on in the architecture, literature and most importantly in our memory. After lunch we will depart for Treblinka, once the Nazi concentration and extermination camp and now a memorial site, where you can learn about the horror and cruelty that was inflicted upon the prisoners.

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  1. Warsaw
  2. Treblinka
  3. Warszawa